Ript90FIT (2018)

"RIPT90 FIT shatters fitness plateaus with the toughest workouts you’ll ever experience carefully programed over 90 days."
RIPT90 FIT is a 90-day intense at home fitness program created to get results by scorching fat and building strength and muscle mass in 30 minutes or less a day. Master Trainer Jody Hendrix designed each of the workouts to give you everything you need to reach your fitness goals in 12 workouts. Maximize your results in 30 minutes a day by burning calories and challenging the body in each of the unique workouts provided. There is no need for expensive gym membership, or a ton of equipment. RIPT90 FIT delivers muscle sculpting, fat burning, and strength and flexibility workouts to get your body strong and defined in just 90 days.
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StarringJody Hendrix

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Original Language:English