Superguy: Behind the Cape Poster

Release Date: 2002

DVD Release Date: June 22nd, 2004

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 14 min

Plot Summary
Though his origins are unclear, Mark Trent (Mark Teague) has had superpowers from an early age. With the ability to fly and possessing superhuman strength, Trent dons a colorful cape and spends his time saving citizens and fighting crime as SuperGuy. Unfortunately, the media circus surrounding SuperGuy's every move has impaired his ability to actually help people. Lawsuits are coming in from disgruntled beneficiaries, and the SuperGuy backlash is threatening to destroy the hero for good.

Cast: Mark Teague, Charles Dierkop, Katherine Victor, Jan Garrett, Christopher Fey, Elizabeth Jaeger-Rydall, Marcello Paz-Pulliam, Garrett Lambert

Director: Bill Lae, Mark Teague

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: Amusing, Suspenseful, Rise, 2000s, New York City, Offbeat, Sacrifice, Father