The Dark Poster

Release Date: 1994

R|1 hr 30 min

Plot Summary
During a midnight visit to his wife's grave, scientist Hunter Henderson (Stephen McHattie) hears shots and decides to investigate. When he gets a bit too close to the action, he is shot, but his wounds are miraculously healed by the mysterious creature that FBI agents have been attempting to kill. After losing his partner in the firefight, Agent Paul Buckner (Brion James) is determined to see the death of the unknown beast, but Hunter is just as determined to save it.

Cast: Stephen McHattie, Cynthia Belliveau, Brion James, Jaimz Woolvett, Scott Wickware, Desmond Campbell, Dennis O'Connor, Addison Bell

Director: Craig Pryce

Genres: Horror

Keywords: Death, Dark, Revenge, 1990s, Small town, Offbeat, Rivalry, Suspenseful

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