The Go Masters Poster

Release Date: 1982

Not Yet Rated|2 hr 3 min

Plot Summary
Young Chinese Kuang Yishan (Sun Daolin), an apt player of the ancient strategy game Go, is sent to Japan to study with one of its great masters, Rinsaku Matsunami (Rentarô Mikuni). Through Matsunami's tutelage, the boy grows into a champion. But during World War II, he's forced to swear allegiance to Japan. When his son with a local woman is killed in combat, he attempts to get revenge through the game, challenging his former master to a match that lasts for more than three decades.

Cast: Rentarô Mikuni, Sun Daolin, Shen Guan-chu

Director: Junya Satô, Duan Jishun

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Father, Rivalry, 1940s, 1960s, 1970s, Sacrifice, 1930s, Revenge, 1950s, Emotional, Growing up, Moving, Mother