• The Imposter (2012) Cast & Crew

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  • Ivan  Villanueva
    Ivan Villanueva as Social Worker
  • Maria Jesus Hoyos
    Maria Jesus Hoyos as Judge
  • Anton  Marti
    Anton Marti as Male Police Officer
  • Amparo  Fontanet
    Amparo Fontanet as Female Police Officer
  • Ken  Appledorn
    Ken Appledorn as Embassy Official
  • Frédéric  Bourdin
    Frédéric Bourdin as Himself
  • Carey  Gibson
    Carey Gibson as Herself
  • Beverly  Dollarhide
    Beverly Dollarhide as Herself
  • Bryan  Gibson
    Bryan Gibson as Himself
  • Codey  Gibson
    Codey Gibson as Himself
  • Nancy  Fisher
    Nancy Fisher as Herself
  • Bruce  Perry
    Bruce Perry as Himself
  • Philip  French
    Philip French as Himself