• The Red Corvette (2011) Cast & Crew

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  • Brian Anthony  Wilson
    Brian Anthony Wilson as Agent Murray
  • Stosh  Zona
    Stosh Zona as Captain Miller
  • Frank  Lisi
    Frank Lisi as Santino Fagone
  • Claudia  Perry
    Claudia Perry as Mrs. Reese
  • Lady  Life
    Lady Life as Lolly Pop
  • Tommy  DelCorio
    Tommy DelCorio as Frankie Hats
  • Artie  Pasquale
    Artie Pasquale as Mr. Filmore
  • Fabio  Taliercio
    Fabio Taliercio as Sal Martin
  • Drew  Maniscalco
    Drew Maniscalco as Detective Moore
  • Lisa  Kobak
    Lisa Kobak as Ms. Norville