The Spanish Princess: Part 2

The Spanish Princess: Part 2 (2020)

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Not Yet Rated 7 hr 45 minOct 11th, 2020

Presiding over the most glamorous court in Europe and beloved by their people, Queen Catherine and Henry VIII together create an England that is proud, confident and strong enough to withstand threat from abroad. Catherine’s struggle to produce an heir places her marriage and position in the court at risk, and she is haunted by her choices from the past. Despite proving herself a politician, a diplomat, a national inspiration and even a military commander, Catherine must battle to save her love with the King, and to preserve the peace and prosperity of their reign.

Chanya Button
Rebecca Gatward
Lisa Clarke
Charlotte Hopeas Catherine of Aragon
Ruairi O'Connoras Henry VIII
Sai Bennettas Princess Mary / Queen of France