The Story of Qiu Ju Poster

Release Date: 1992

PG|1 hr 40 min

Plot Summary
In a small town in China, village elder Wang (Lei Laosheng) ends an argument with the peasant Qinglai (Liu Peiqi) by kicking him. Incensed, Qinglai's indomitable and heavily pregnant wife, Qiu Ju (Gong Li), demands an apology from the village chief. When she doesn't get one, Qiu Ju embarks doggedly on a quixotic search for justice, taking her case to higher and higher levels of government and encountering maddening levels of bureaucracy in the process.

Cast: Gong Li, Lei Laosheng, Liu Peiqi, Yang Liuchun, Zhu Qanqing, Cui Luowen, Yang Huiqin, Wang Jianfa

Director: Yimou Zhang

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Underdog, Sacrifice, Moving, Wife, Spirited, Husband, 1990s, Quest


Winner Golden Lion for best movie
Mostra del Cinema di Venezia (1992)