The Whirled

The Whirled (2003)

NR 21 minJan 1st, 2003
Ken Jacobs writes: "The first two sections were shot around Jack's loft on Reade Street on two 100' 16 mm rolls. Sunday morning, following Saturday's sacrifice, I saw there was another 50 feet left. In an impromptu way, very different from my initial fastidious art-film approach, I quickly filmed Jack on the roof alongside his loft. The results had us falling onto the floor and I would never be an art-film true-believer again. After years of shooting my raging epic STAR SPANGLED TO DEATH starring Jack as The Spirit Not of Life But of Living, and after a few months of being on the outs with each other, we got together -- summer of '61 in Provincetown -- for one last stab at friendship and the making of a film. In 1963, a snatch of Saturday Afternoon Blood Sacrifice was shown on TV. I had somehow been invited to participate in a TV quiz program called Back Your Hunch. (Or was it Hunch Your Back?)"
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DirectorKen Jacobs