Torchy Plays With Dynamite Poster

Release Date: 1939

Not Yet Rated|59 min

Plot Summary
Fast-talking Torchy Blane (Jane Wyman) is a fearless news reporter, always on the hunt for the next big story. So, when she crosses paths with gangster moll Jackie Maguire (Sheila Bromley) at traffic court, Torchy purposely gets herself thrown in jail so she can befriend the girl in hopes of uncovering the whereabouts of her bruiser beau (Eddie Marr). However, Torchy's well-intentioned boyfriend, police detective Steve McBride (Allen Jenkins), attracts trouble when he tries to help.

Cast: Jane Wyman, Allen Jenkins, Tom Kennedy, Sheila Bromley, Joe Cunningham, Eddie Marr

Director: Noel Smith

Genres: Crime drama

Production Co: Warner Bros.

Keywords: 1930s, Pursuit, Suspenseful, Playful, Cheeky