War Party Poster

Release Date: 1989

R|1 hr 38 min

Plot Summary
A small Montana town near an Indian reservation decides to reenact a century-old battle between the U.S. Cavalry and the Blackfoot Nation. But a white youth with a grudge loads his gun with live ammunition and murders one of the Native American participants. Sonny (Billy Wirth) retaliates, killing the white boy with a prop tomahawk, and he and his friends Skitty (Kevin Dillon) and Warren (Tim Sampson) escape on horseback into the plains, where they are pursued by the vengeful townsfolk.

Cast: Billy Wirth, Kevin Dillon, Tim Sampson, Jimmie Ray Weeks, Kevyn Major Howard, Jerry Hardin, Tantoo Cardinal, Bill McKinney

Director: Franc Roddam

Genres: Action

Keywords: Underdog, Revenge, 1980s, Murder, Escape, Small town, Tense