• When the Cradle Falls (1997) Cast & Crew

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  • Dorian  Harewood
    Dorian Harewood as Lt. Harlan Dugger
  • Karl  Makinen
    Karl Makinen as Hammack
  • Brigitta  Dau
    Brigitta Dau
  • Joel  de la Fuente
    Joel de la Fuente as Bill Avila
  • Joe  Ivy
    Joe Ivy as Dr. Ashling
  • Henry  Woronicz
    Henry Woronicz as Detective Tauber
  • Kellie  Waymire
    Kellie Waymire as Lucy Becknell
  • Roy  Werner
    Roy Werner as Detective Braeden
  • Melody  Rae
    Melody Rae as Criminalist
  • James  Newcomb
    James Newcomb as Dr. Sira
  • Yumi  Iwama
    Yumi Iwama as Kay Avila
  • Henry  Jordan
    Henry Jordan as Mr. Simmonds
  • Yavone  Evans
    Yavone Evans as Mrs. Simmonds
  • Doug  Waldo
    Doug Waldo as Centaur Consultant
  • Bodie  Newcomb
    Bodie Newcomb as Husband
  • D. Candis  Paule
    D. Candis Paule as Wife
  • Zachary  Stauring
    Zachary Stauring as Justin
  • Annie  Hinton
    Annie Hinton as Manager
  • Tamiko  Washington
    Tamiko Washington as Administrative Aid
  • Nancy  Williams
    Nancy Williams as Nurse
  • Nancy  Renee
    Nancy Renee as Rene Walsh
  • Tyler  Stauring
    Tyler Stauring as Justin