• Yaar Anmulle Returns (2020)

Yaar Anmulle Returns

Release Date: March 28th, 2020

NR |2 hr 15 min

Plot Summary

Yaar Anmulle Returns is a sequel of the movie Yaar Anmulle which was a blockbuster hit movie of 2011. This story is of same three friends same named TINKA, DEEP, GURU. This story shows the phrases of life and the journey which starts from college life to matured settled businessman. This story contains love, anger, family drama, friendship and action as well with so many other life flavors but the biggest flavor is the three heroines of the movie because they are presenting three different culture at the same time. Where one is from Haryana background speaks Haryanvi in the film and at the other side Himachal culture showing their beauty of Himalayas and last one is based from Punjab. Its a unique story of friendship, love, relationship that cares every human being wants from the partner. Every one of six loving and enjoying their college life all together but the Punjabi girl named Simmi is little unhappy with the things Tinka do, so he always wants Deep and Guru should leave him. She has a mindset about him that, those people who are from village background they are irritating, illiterate and useless so she always calls him pendu but it doesn't make any difference to all boys friendship. One day due to some planned reason by their enemies that bond break and Tinka get separated from all five friends. Long time passed Guru got married, Deep got settled in abroad but when they faced the trust that Tinka was not wrong and it was just their misunderstanding they realized their mistake and here the journey start to find Tinka. They do every single effort to find him and at the climax they find him and apologizes for the mistake they done and decide to do the all those things which they didn't do in past years when they were not together. Movie ends with a happy ending. This movie will connect an emotional bond as well with the people who come to see and it will be a complete family entertainment.

Cast: Yuvraj Hans , Harish Verma , Navpreet Banga , Rana Jung Bahadur , Nikeet Dhillon , Prabh Gil

Director: Harry Bhatti

Genres: Drama

Production Co: White Hill Studios

Distributors: Eros International (US)