October 1912 Movies

Bunny at the Derby Poster
Bunny at the Derby October 29, 1912
The Old Doll Maker Poster
The Old Doll Maker October 28, 1912
At Coney Island Poster
At Coney Island October 28, 1912
Sue Poster
Sue October 27, 1912
The Angel of the Studio Poster
The Angel of the Studio October 25, 1912
In a Garden Poster
In a Garden October 24, 1912
The Painted Lady Poster
The Painted Lady October 24, 1912
The Skeleton Poster
The Skeleton October 23, 1912
The High Cost of Living Poster
The High Cost of Living October 23, 1912
Tempted by Necessity Poster
Tempted by Necessity October 23, 1912
At Home in the Water Poster
At Home in the Water October 22, 1912
Just Maine Folks Poster
Just Maine Folks October 21, 1912
The Flirting Husband Poster
The Flirting Husband October 21, 1912
At the Masquerade Ball Poster
At the Masquerade Ball October 21, 1912
The Tomboy on Bar Z Poster
The Tomboy on Bar Z October 21, 1912
The One She Loved Poster
The One She Loved October 21, 1912
The Ambitious Butler Poster
The Ambitious Butler October 21, 1912
A Soldier's Duty Poster
A Soldier's Duty October 18, 1912
Bunny All at Sea Poster
Bunny All at Sea October 17, 1912
The Arrow of Defiance Poster
The Arrow of Defiance October 15, 1912
Mrs Lirriper’s Lodgers Poster
Mrs Lirriper’s Lodgers October 15, 1912
Una of the Sierras Poster
Una of the Sierras October 15, 1912
In the Aisles of the Wild Poster
In the Aisles of the Wild October 14, 1912
Stolen Glory Poster
Stolen Glory October 14, 1912
Every Inch a Man Poster
Every Inch a Man October 13, 1912
Betty’s Nightmare Poster
Betty’s Nightmare October 11, 1912
Canned Harmony Poster
Canned Harmony October 9, 1912
Pedro's Dilemma Poster
Pedro's Dilemma October 7, 1912
The Black Chancellor Poster
The Black Chancellor October 7, 1912
Nothing to Wear Poster
Nothing to Wear October 7, 1912
The Beating He Needed Poster
The Beating He Needed October 7, 1912
As You Like It Poster
As You Like It October 6, 1912
The Confederate Ironclad Poster
The Confederate Ironclad October 4, 1912
Tangled Relations Poster
Tangled Relations October 4, 1912
The Usurer's Grip Poster
The Usurer's Grip October 4, 1912
The Red Barrier Poster
The Red Barrier October 4, 1912
The Detective's Dog Poster
The Detective's Dog October 3, 1912
Custer's Last Fight Poster
Custer's Last Fight October 3, 1912
She Cried Poster
She Cried October 2, 1912