October 1941 Movies

Outlaws of the Desert Poster
Outlaws of the Desert November 1, 1941
One Foot in Heaven Poster
One Foot in Heaven November 1, 1941
The Chocolate Soldier Poster
The Chocolate Soldier November 1, 1941
Unholy Partners Poster
Unholy Partners November 1, 1941
A Child Went Forth Poster
A Child Went Forth November 1, 1941
Dumbo Poster
Dumbo October 31, 1941
All-American Co-Ed Poster
All-American Co-Ed October 31, 1941
New York Town Poster
New York Town October 31, 1941
Sundown Poster
Sundown October 31, 1941
I Wake Up Screaming Poster
I Wake Up Screaming October 31, 1941
The Men in Her Life Poster
The Men in Her Life October 30, 1941
How Green Was My Valley Poster
How Green Was My Valley October 28, 1941
A Sailor on Horseback Poster
A Sailor on Horseback October 25, 1941
Gauchos of El Dorado Poster
Gauchos of El Dorado October 24, 1941
Spooks Run Wild Poster
Spooks Run Wild October 24, 1941
The Masked Rider Poster
The Masked Rider October 24, 1941
Robinson Crusoe Jr. Poster
Robinson Crusoe Jr. October 24, 1941
Donald's Camera Poster
Donald's Camera October 24, 1941
The Gay Falcon Poster
The Gay Falcon October 24, 1941
Come Back, Miss Pipps Poster
Come Back, Miss Pipps October 24, 1941
You Belong to Me Poster
You Belong to Me October 22, 1941
The Bug Parade Poster
The Bug Parade October 20, 1941
The Maltese Falcon Poster
The Maltese Falcon October 18, 1941
Week-End in Havana Poster
Week-End in Havana October 17, 1941
Jesse James at Bay Poster
Jesse James at Bay October 17, 1941
All That Money Can Buy Poster
All That Money Can Buy October 17, 1941
South of Tahiti Poster
South of Tahiti October 17, 1941
Burma Convoy Poster
Burma Convoy October 16, 1941
In the Sweet Pie and Pie Poster
In the Sweet Pie and Pie October 16, 1941
Down Mexico Way Poster
Down Mexico Way October 15, 1941
Sea Raiders Poster
Sea Raiders October 13, 1941
The Officer and the Lady Poster
The Officer and the Lady October 12, 1941
The Bandit Trail Poster
The Bandit Trail October 10, 1941
Nothing But the Truth Poster
Nothing But the Truth October 10, 1941
Great Guns Poster
Great Guns October 10, 1941
Tonto Basin Outlaws Poster
Tonto Basin Outlaws October 9, 1941
Texas Poster
Texas October 9, 1941
The Stork Pays Off Poster
The Stork Pays Off October 5, 1941
Law of the Tropics Poster
Law of the Tropics October 4, 1941
The Tanks Are Coming Poster
The Tanks Are Coming October 4, 1941
Billy the Kid Wanted Poster
Billy the Kid Wanted October 3, 1941
Lend a Paw Poster
Lend a Paw October 3, 1941
Smilin' Through Poster
Smilin' Through October 1, 1941
Honky Tonk Poster
Honky Tonk October 1, 1941
The Feminine Touch Poster
The Feminine Touch October 1, 1941