December 1949 Movies

The Steps of Age Poster
The Steps of Age January 1, 1950
The Hollywood Ten Poster
The Hollywood Ten January 1, 1950
Rocky Mountain Poster
Rocky Mountain January 1, 1950
Can Animals Think Poster
Can Animals Think January 1, 1950
Tomb Itmay Concern Poster
Tomb Itmay Concern January 1, 1950
Never Fear Poster
Never Fear January 1, 1950
You Can Beat the A-Bomb Poster
You Can Beat the A-Bomb January 1, 1950
The Three Wishes Poster
The Three Wishes January 1, 1950
The Inspector General Poster
The Inspector General December 31, 1949
L'école buissonnière Poster
L'école buissonnière December 31, 1949
Christmas U.S.A Poster
Christmas U.S.A December 31, 1949
The Reckless Moment Poster
The Reckless Moment December 29, 1949
Malaya Poster
Malaya December 27, 1949
Adam and Evelyne Poster
Adam and Evelyne December 26, 1949
My Foolish Heart Poster
My Foolish Heart December 25, 1949
The Pirates of Capri Poster
The Pirates of Capri December 25, 1949
Whisky Galore! Poster
Whisky Galore! December 25, 1949
The Chiltern Hundreds Poster
The Chiltern Hundreds December 24, 1949
Rabbit Hood Poster
Rabbit Hood December 24, 1949
Prince of Foxes Poster
Prince of Foxes December 23, 1949
D.O.A. Poster
D.O.A. December 23, 1949
Mrs. Mike Poster
Mrs. Mike December 23, 1949
East Side, West Side Poster
East Side, West Side December 22, 1949
Samson and Delilah Poster
Samson and Delilah December 21, 1949
Twelve O'Clock High Poster
Twelve O'Clock High December 21, 1949
Sons of New Mexico Poster
Sons of New Mexico December 20, 1949
Give Us This Day Poster
Give Us This Day December 20, 1949
There's a Girl in My Heart Poster
There's a Girl in My Heart December 19, 1949
Bomba on Panther Island Poster
Bomba on Panther Island December 18, 1949
The Lady Takes a Sailor Poster
The Lady Takes a Sailor December 16, 1949
Toy Tinkers Poster
Toy Tinkers December 16, 1949
Sands of Iwo Jima Poster
Sands of Iwo Jima December 14, 1949
A Ham in a Role Poster
A Ham in a Role December 13, 1949
The Man on the Eiffel Tower Poster
The Man on the Eiffel Tower December 12, 1949
A Dangerous Profession Poster
A Dangerous Profession December 10, 1949
Palle Alone in the World Poster
Palle Alone in the World December 10, 1949
Tennis Chumps Poster
Tennis Chumps December 10, 1949
Bear Feat Poster
Bear Feat December 10, 1949
On the Town Poster
On the Town December 8, 1949
Bodyhold Poster
Bodyhold December 8, 1949
The Counterfeit Cat Poster
The Counterfeit Cat December 4, 1949
Undertow Poster
Undertow December 3, 1949
The Hasty Heart Poster
The Hasty Heart December 2, 1949
Which Is Witch Poster
Which Is Witch December 2, 1949
The Threat Poster
The Threat December 1, 1949
Yantra Study Poster
Yantra Study December 1, 1949