Harry Potter has a nice tush -- and he's flattered that you noticed!

Daniel Radcliffe was at San Diego Comic-Con to promote "Victor Frankenstein" -- his upcoming movie with James McAvoy -- but E! News also asked him about his recent win for Rear of the Year. This is a genuine thing with British celebrities. It started in 1976 and was just given to women at first, until going equal opportunity with male and female winners every year. Most of the past winners are probably celebs Americans aren't too familiar with -- but this year DanRad himself was honored for his bum.

E! asked if he campaigned for the award. "I've been campaigning for years," Dan joked, then explained a bit about Rear of the Year. "It's a thing we do it in England. You don't do it in America, right? ... I was going to say, if you don't do it here in America, maybe my award counts kind of globally." It does! He seemed genuinely flattered to get the award, and even gave a little acceptance speech:

Thank you to everyone who voted for me for Rear of the Year. It's a very prestigious honor. And I promise to just get it out a lot more in the future."

There it is -- on the record. It's coming out more. It's not like he's been shy up to this point, which is probably why he won to begin with, since he showed it all on Broadway in "Equus" and bared his butt in "Kill Your Darlings." But it's great to see him have such a sense of humor about the whole thing. Even when he has a serious role, he never takes himself too seriously.

Watch his speech here:

And if you're curious about "Victor Frankenstein," Collider has a full recap of what was discussed during the Comic-Con panel.

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