Looking back on an actor's early roles is either a harbinger of genius or fodder for embarrassment. For every Colin Firth in 'Another Country,' there's Jeremy Renner in 'National Lampoon's Senior Trip.' But we all gotta start somewhere, right?

For the 20 actors up for awards at this year's Academy Awards, the Internet has been the gift and the curse, able to preserve both the stellar performances and the inauspicious starts. Thankfully, we dig both. Rufulicious indeed, Mr. Franco. Rufulicious, indeed.
Alvin Purple
In Theaters on January 1st, 1973

Australian waterbed salesman's (Graeme Blundell) problem is women cannot resist him. Read More

Another Country
In Theaters on January 1st, 1984

Brit spy (Rupert Everett) recalls his Marxist lover (Colin Firth) and school years. Read More

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The Great Outdoors
In Theaters on June 17th, 1988

Man (John Candy) and family camp with obnoxious brother-in-law (Dan Aykroyd) and family. Read More

In Theaters on January 1st, 1982

A Sydney teen tries to make it as a rock singer, with help from her odd 14-year-old cousin. Read More

In Theaters on July 22nd, 1994

Collie helps teen (Thomas Guiry) and his family raise sheep in Virginia. Read More

The Dentist
In Theaters on October 18th, 1996

A man (Corbin Bernsen) snaps after discovering his wife's infidelity. Read More

The Emperor's Club
Based on 32 critics

A professor (Kevin Kline) clashes with a senator's troubled son. Read More

National Lampoon's Senior Trip
In Theaters on September 8th, 1995

A senator (Lawrence Dane) uses nitwit teens for political gain. Read More

High Heels
Based on 12 critics

A Spanish actress (Marisa Paredes) and her daughter (Victoria Abril) face a farcical murder trial. Read More

Never Been Kissed
Based on 26 critics

A former nerd, now a reporter, gets a second chance when she goes under cover for a story on teens. Read More

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Based on 28 critics

Two mothers try to help their daughters win a beauty contest for the title of Dairy Queen. Read More

BMX Bandits
In Theaters on September 21st, 2001

Three teenage bicycle-motocross racers find a stash of stolen two-way police radios. Read More

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