We can't help but notice that some of our readers seem to think that the Academy Awards telecast is too long and boring. Well, we have a novel solution to help spice up your Oscars party: Drink your face off.

OK, not if you're the designated driver, obviously. Or if you have a serious alcohol problem. Or if you're 10 years old. But for the rest of us: How about a drinking game? The benefits are legion -- it will make your evening more fun, those lame dance numbers will seem tolerable, and it will make the show go faster. Problems solved!

If you've never played a drinking game, the way ours works is that you take a sip of beer or wine whenever one of our predictions come true. For a few highly unlikely scenarios, we recommend taking a shot of liquor, but we'll leave that to your discretion.

Feel free to play along with us at home, and if you feel like adding any of your own rules, please let us know about them in the comments.
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