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11:41 PM: Fine. We grant you that the kids were cute, and we didn't have to endure anyone asking them who they were wearing. And seeing Melissa "F-bomb" Leo sing along with the end of the song melted our cold, black hearts slightly.

11:39 PM: Oh, man, really? It's not over? Surprise musical number, BAM, out of nowhere! Kids from a public school in Staten Island are singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow," soon joined by all of tonight's winners.

11:38 PM: The producer say some lovely things, the usual business, all very nice. Standing behind him, Helena Bonham Carter looks like she has better places to be, which very well may be true.

11:35 PM: In a shocking upset, Best Picture goes to the movie everyone has been saying was going to win ever since Labor Day, 'The King's Speech'!

11:31 PM: Steven Spielberg introduces the Best Picture montage, which has the guy from 'The King's Speech' reciting a monologue from 'The King's Speech' while images 'The King's Speech' play (accompanied by a few shots of some of the other nine nominees)