Babar and the Adventures of Badou Poster

Air Date: September 6th, 2010

Series Summary
An updated version of the classic series, following Badou, King Babar's 8-year-old grandson.

Rating: TVG

Genres: Educational, Children, Animated, Animals


  • Season 3 - Episode 13 : Getting Creative; The Hidden Valley Jan 2, 2015

    When Crocodylus damages Babar's painting of Lady Rataxes, Badou tries to fix it - but only makes it worse. Badou, Chiku, and Ayla have save Ayla's home when pirates find a way into the hidden valley.

  • Season 3 - Episode 12 : Badou Unmasked; Slog Soaring Jan 1, 2015

  • Season 3 - Episode 11 : I Heart Ms. Strich; Mind Games Dec 31, 2014

    Ms. Strich surprises everyone when she gets close to Crocodylus; things backfire when Chiku and Badou play a prank on DiLash.

  • Season 3 - Episode 10 : The Gunkifier; Gold Bug Dec 30, 2014

    Babar and Badou investigate what is causing the lake to be filled with iky gunk./Badou discovers a rare beetle that is covered in gold dust, and accidentally touches off a gold rush.

  • Season 3 - Episode 9 : Don't Push the Button; Ayla Dec 29, 2014