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Air Date: January 22nd, 2015

Network: FOX

Series Summary
As a detective tackles sensitive cases, he keeps trying to change his self-destructive ways.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Drama


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  • Unfortunately, in the first episode, the show overdoes Backstrom's unlikability to the point where it's an open question whether viewers will return to see subsequent episodes, where he becomes less hard to take, and we learn more about why he is the way he is.... The more encouraging news is that judging from two additional episodes made available for preview, Backstrom--which is based on a series of novels written by Swedish criminologist Leif G.W. Persson--calms down and gets better as it goes along. Show More

  • This is one of those shows where one starts to feel bad for the ensemble, as they trudge through bad scripts, doing all they can to elevate it but sinking into the generic quicksand as Wilson over-acts his way into cancellation. Show More

  • It's hard to find much in Backstrom that feels fresh or original. Show More

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