Body of Proof Poster

Air Date: March 29th, 2011

Network: ABC

Series Summary
A former neurosurgeon begins a career as a medical examiner.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Crime drama


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  • Body of Proof is, in other words, a mash-up of half the popular mystery series on TV right now: a little bit "Castle," a little bit "Bones" and a whole lot "House." How effective you find it depends almost entirely on how you feel about Delany. Show More

  • With the second episode, though, the whole tone improves: Delany's performance seems to have caught some of the coppery warmth of her hair, and we spend more time with a good ensemble. [4 Apr 2011, p.49] Show More

  • Despite all the show's flaws, she makes some quieter emotional moments work, thanks to her undeniable presence and skills. The by-the-numbers vehicle that has been constructed around her isn't worthy of her talent, however. Show More

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