• Season 2 - Episode 1 : Homecoming; The Sheikh Sep 16, 1978

    A supposedly dead Vietnam veteran (David Birney) returns for his family; a teacher (Arte Johnson) wants to be a sheik with a harem.

  • Season 2 - Episode 2 : The Big Dipper; The Pirate Sep 23, 1978

    A pickpocket (Dan Rowan) turns to farming in his daughter's fantasy; an eccentric painter (Sonny Bono) tries piracy to regain his ex-wife.

  • Season 2 - Episode 3 : The Beachcomber; The Last Whodunnit Sep 30, 1978

    The beachcombing life is more than a man (John Astin) expected; a mystery fan (Celeste Holm) wants to live out an unfinished book.

  • Season 2 - Episode 4 : Best Seller; The Tomb Oct 14, 1978

    A bookstore clerk (Desi Arnaz Jr.) asks to be a famous author; a tomb's curse could destroy an archaeologist (Barry Sullivan).

  • Season 2 - Episode 5 : I Want to Get Married; The Jewel Thief Oct 21, 1978

    A jilted bride (Meredith MacRae) wants to wed the man of her dreams; a carpenter (Steve Forrest) dreams of being a jewel thief.

  • Season 2 - Episode 6 : The Queen of the Boston Bruisers; War Games Oct 28, 1978

    A roller-derby star (Anne Francis) poses as a refined lady; a Vietnam vet (Christopher George) wants to relive three wartime days.

  • Season 2 - Episode 7 : Let the Good Times Roll; Nightmare; The Tiger Nov 4, 1978

    A former hot rodder (Paul Sand) seeks past glory; a newlywed tries to free herself of a nightmare; guest Ray Milland.

  • Season 2 - Episode 8 : Return; The Toughest Man Alive Nov 11, 1978

    A woman (Samantha Eggar) returns to announce her love for Roarke; a common man (Red Buttons) wants to become a celebrated hero.

  • Season 2 - Episode 9 : The Appointment; Mr. Tattoo Nov 18, 1978

    A doctor (Bert Convy) wants to build a clinic; two women (Barbi Benton, Connie Stevens) ask Tattoo's help in marrying millionaires.

  • Season 2 - Episode 10 : The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird; The Island of Lost Women Nov 25, 1978

    A retired adventurer (Peter Graves) comes seeking Bigfoot; a deprived sailor (Robert Morse) visits an island of lost women; guest Cyd Charisse.

  • Season 2 - Episode 11 : Carnival; The Vaudevillians Dec 2, 1978

    A woman (Carol Lynley) searches for a lover who may not exist; an old vaudevillian (Phil Silvers) pursues a comeback.

  • Season 2 - Episode 12 : Charlie's Cherubs; Stalag 3 Dec 9, 1978

    Three women long to have dangerous adventures; a World War II hero and three prison camp buddies encounter their vengeful former prison camp commandant.

  • Season 2 - Episode 13 : Lady & the Long Horn; Vampire Dec 16, 1978

    An eccentric businesswoman (Eva Gabor) needs a rich husband; a method actor (Robert Reed) plays a vampire.

  • Season 2 - Episode 13 : Moon Madness; Vampire Dec 16, 1978

    An eccentric businesswoman (Eva Gabor) needs a rich husband; a method actor (Robert Reed) plays a vampire.

  • Season 2 - Episode 14 : Seance; The Treasure Jan 13, 1979

    A woman (Eve Plumb) seeks to contact her dead twin brother; a poor fisherman (George Maharis) risks his marriage to find wealth.

  • Season 2 - Episode 15 : Substitute Wife; Cowboy Jan 20, 1979

    A hypochondriac who believes she is about to die sets out to find a substitute wife for her husband; a rodeo clown fears meeting his son.

  • Season 2 - Episode 16 : Photographs; Royal Flush Jan 27, 1979

    A woman (Michele Lee) sees a ghost in all her photos; a gambler (John Rubinstein) plays high-stakes poker.

  • Season 2 - Episode 17 : The Stripper; The Boxer Feb 10, 1979

    A rich girl (Laraine Stephens) assumes a stripper's identity; a dying young boxer (Ben Murphy) wants an Olympic win.

  • Season 2 - Episode 18 : The Casting Director; Pentagram; A Little Ball Feb 17, 1979

    An accountant (Don Knotts) dreams of casting movies; a reporter (Florence Henderson) thinks a satanic cult cursed her.

  • Season 2 - Episode 19 : Spending Spree; The Hunted Feb 24, 1979

    Two friends (Diana Canova, Lola Falana) compete to spend $500,000; a big-game hunter (Stuart Whitman) tries to photograph a dictator.

  • Season 2 - Episode 20 : Birthday Party; Ghost Breaker Mar 3, 1979

    A woman (Janet Leigh) seeks the grown twins she gave up; a shy librarian (Ken Berry) wants to encounter a real ghost.

  • Season 2 - Episode 21 : Fountain of Youth; Yesterday's Love Mar 17, 1979

    A mercenary (Dennis Cole) seeks the Fountain of Youth; a separating couple (Eleanor Parker, Craig Stevens) relives the past.

  • Season 2 - Episode 22 : The Comic; Golden Hour May 5, 1979

    A gag writer (Fred Grandy) dreams of performing; a paraplegic (Toni Tennille) wants to meet her pen pal.

  • Season 2 - Episode 23 : Cornelius & Alphonse; The Choice May 6, 1979

    A pair (Red Buttons, Billy Barty) of chiselers kidnaps Tattoo; two orphans have a choice of parents; guest Juliet Mills.

  • Season 2 - Episode 24 : Bowling; Command Performance May 12, 1979

    A bowler (Al Molinaro) gambles all to become champion; a former circus owner (Joan Blondell) reunites her old performers to solve a series of murders.

  • Season 2 - Episode 25 : Amusement Park; Rock Stars May 13, 1979

    A boy magician wants to make his father (Ted Lange) appear; four orphaned siblings seek to form a rock band.