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Air Date: September 9th, 2008

Network: FOX

Series Summary
An FBI agent, a brilliant scientist and his estranged son investigate unexplained phenomena.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Crime drama, Science fiction


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  • Unlike The X-Files, Fringe has a sense of humor that cuts through its gloom. Credit Jackson for his raised-eyebrow dubiousness whenever things threaten to turn absurdly weird, and Noble for making his brilliant acid casualty a poignant, eager-to-please man, constantly sifting through his prodigious brain to locate the truth from fragmented memories. Show More

  • I'm on the bubble with Fringe. The characters are all interesting and the acting is top notch, but the plot is essentially an update of "The X-Files" with the addition of terrorism and the office of Homeland Security. Show More

  • I have to put in a good word for Fox's excellent Fringe, which returns with a strong episode tonight that helps demonstrate why Anna Torv was cast in the first place. Show More

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