Gary Unmarried Poster

Air Date: September 24th, 2008

Network: CBS

Series Summary
A newly single dad tries to navigates the murky waters of dating and family.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Sitcom


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  • There are funny moments here, mostly coming from Mohr's agitated rantings. But the laugh track is mighty intrusive, which detracts from the average jokes by throwing them in your face (or down your ear, as it were). Show More

  • On the up side, some of the one-liners are quite funny. On the downside, a lot of the show just doesn't work no matter how hard Mohr works it. Show More

  • Mohr knows how to deliver a sarcastic one-liner, the pilot has a few laughs and the characters are all likable. But despite modern references to things like "Second Life," the whole show comes across as a bit antiquated. Show More

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