• Season 9 - Episode 23 : Hail and Farewell May 21, 2004

    Harm suffers a personal loss, and Mac hears devastating health news; Bud's career reaches new heights; the admiral makes a life-altering change.

  • Season 9 - Episode 22 : Trojan Horse May 14, 2004

    Harm and Mac are asked to investigate after Navy SEALs confiscate a shipment of heroin from a Pakistani freighter and a kilo comes up missing.

  • Season 9 - Episode 21 : Coming Home May 7, 2004

    Harm steps in to help a grieving mother (Susan Walters) of a Marine killed in Iraq when he learns that reporters are hounding her.

  • Season 9 - Episode 20 : Fighting Words Apr 30, 2004

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    Harm and Mac square off in the courtroom when a general is accused of making racist remarks about Islam during a church sermon.

  • Season 9 - Episode 19 : Hard Time Apr 2, 2004

    An angry judge orders Mac to escort a female prisoner to California.

  • Season 9 - Episode 18 : What If? Mar 12, 2004

    The gang celebrates Coates' promotion at a Chinese restaurant, where fortune cookies cause all to fantasize about what their lives would be like if they had made different choices.

  • Season 9 - Episode 17 : Take It Like a Man Feb 27, 2004

    The admiral orders Mac to see a Navy psychiatrist for post-traumatic stress syndrome following her ordeal at the hands of Sadik.

  • Season 9 - Episode 16 : Persian Gulf Feb 20, 2004

    Mac plays a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with the terrorist who nearly killed her in Colombia.

  • Season 9 - Episode 15 : Crash Feb 13, 2004

    When a pilot crashes his plane into the deck of an aircraft carrier, Harm flies a duplicate mission to determine whether the incident should be ruled an accident or suicide.

  • Season 9 - Episode 14 : People v. SecNav Feb 6, 2004

    After a Navy fighter drops bombs on an Iraqi hospital, Harm and Mac defend the secretary of the Navy (Dean Stockwell) against war-crimes charges in the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

  • Season 9 - Episode 13 : Good Intentions Jan 16, 2004

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    Harm and Mac square off in a murder case in which a petty officer is accused of murdering a female officer during a drunken rage.

  • Season 9 - Episode 12 : A Girl's Best Friend Jan 9, 2004

    Adm. Chegwidden launches an investigation into the illegal diamond trade when he discovers his fiancee's stone might have been smuggled.

  • Season 9 - Episode 11 : A Merry Little Christmas Dec 12, 2003

    Turner faces charges of racial bias; Harm petitions the court to get custody of teenage Mattie Grace; Coates tries to engineer a Christmas miracle for Adm. Chegwidden and Lt. Sims.

  • Season 9 - Episode 10 : Pulse Rate Dec 2, 2003

    Harm and Mac board a destroyer to investigate the death of a sailor who was electrocuted while servicing a radar antenna; the admiral assigns Coates the task of coordinating the details of his upcoming wedding.

  • Season 9 - Episode 9 : The Boast Nov 21, 2003

    The Navy's star pitcher (Barry Zito) faces assault charges after hitting a Marine with a ball during the annual baseball game.

  • Season 9 - Episode 8 : Posse Comitatus Nov 14, 2003

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    A Marine helicopter pilot interferes with local law enforcement during a hostage standoff and is accused of violating an act which bans military action on U.S. soil.

  • Season 9 - Episode 7 : Close Quarters Nov 7, 2003

    The admiral buries Harm in backlogged case files; a veteran (Ossie Davis) says a bureaucratic snafu forced him to steal; a submarine picks up a North Korean crew imperiled by a SARS outbreak.

  • Season 9 - Episode 6 : Back in the Saddle Oct 31, 2003

    When the CIA fires Harm, he lands a job flying a crop-duster for a teenage boss; staff discovers Harm's replacement has lied about her credentials.

  • Season 9 - Episode 5 : Touchdown Oct 24, 2003

    A mission to retrieve a compromised CIA agent in Libya becomes more difficult when Harm learns the agent's family needs to be rescued as well.

  • Season 9 - Episode 4 : The One That Got Away Oct 17, 2003

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    Mac defends a Marine whose actions may have caused the deaths of two fellow soldiers; Harm's test flight in a spy plane turns into a dangerous mission to take photos over North Korea.

  • Season 9 - Episode 3 : Secret Agent Man Oct 10, 2003

    Harm goes under cover to prevent a terrorist from overthrowing the Philippine government; Bud's brother, Mikey, faces a tough choice when a fellow cadet is accused of cheating.

  • Season 9 - Episode 2 : Shifting Sands Oct 3, 2003

    Mac is assigned to defend a female petty officer who has been found living in Iraq as the wife of a Bedouin sheik; Harm's resignation papers are processed.

  • Season 9 - Episode 1 : A Tangled Webb Sep 26, 2003

    A severely tortured Webb teams up with Harm and Mac in Paraguay in order to find Sadik; Mac goes undercover to meet the secretary of a local CIA contact that has been leaking information to Sadik.