Married to Medicine Poster

Air Date: March 24th, 2013

Network: Bravo

Series Summary
The lives of successful women who are doctors or the wives of doctors in Atlanta.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Entertainment, Reality


  • Season 4 - Episode 16 : Reunion Part Two Feb 24, 2017

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    Andy Cohen welcomes the husbands to tell their sides of the story; Jackie shocks everyone when she drops a bomb about her relationship with Curtis; Dr. Darren confronts the women about the rumors; Simone relives the search for her father.

  • Season 4 - Episode 15 : Reunion Part One Feb 17, 2017

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    The women reflect on the season's biggest moments; Toya faces her tax issues; Lisa Nicole stands up to an onslaught of challenges from the others; Mariah dishes on her grievances with Heavenly, which leads to a dramatic argument; Andy Cohen hosts.

  • Season 4 - Episode 14 : Breast Friends Feb 10, 2017

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    The women continue to fight at Toya's barbecue, and things turn ugly after Mariah tries to intervene; Heavenly faces a crisis of conscience; Lisa Nicole and Darren try to pick up the pieces; Dr. Jackie's look book is almost ready.

  • Season 4 - Episode 13 : The Devil Is Busy Feb 3, 2017

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    Toya and Eugene's new accountant wants them to downsize their budget; Jackie springs a romantic surprise on Curtis; tempers flare at Toya's housewarming party as Lisa and Heavenly finally come face to face for the ultimate showdown.

  • Season 4 - Episode 12 : Brazilian Bombshells Jan 27, 2017

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    With only a week until their relationship conference, Heavenly and Lisa Nicole must work together to get everything in place; Heavenly learns Lisa hasn't been entirely honest about their collaboration; Quad bares it all at her 35th birthday party.