McLeod's Daughters Poster

Air Date: August 8th, 2001

Series Summary
After 20 years apart, two half-sisters inherit their father's cattle ranch.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Drama


  • Season 8 - Episode 22 : The Long Paddock Jan 31, 2009

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    The girls take a trip to sell their cattle; a love triangle blooms; Grace tells Marcus about Ingrid.

  • Season 8 - Episode 21 : Into the Valley of the Shadow Jan 31, 2009

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    Drovers' future is in doubt; The girls pull out all the stops to shear through the night to try and save the farm and their futures.

  • Season 8 - Episode 20 : The Show Must Go On Jan 24, 2009

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    The music Phil wrote for Moira finally gets performed; Tayler and Patrick are anxious about Noisy giving birth to puppies, Stevie becomes quite attracted to a new male vet.

  • Season 8 - Episode 19 : Into Thin Air Jan 24, 2009

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    Ingrid becomes more anxious about Paul's presence and it affects her work; Marcus, Ben and the girls realize Paul's true side so they start making a plan to get rid of him for good.

  • Season 8 - Episode 18 : Every Move You Make Jan 17, 2009

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    Paul continues to investigate local cattle thefts; Phil plans a special evening for Moira; Tayler needs help in school.

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