• Season 12 - Episode 24 : Death by Demographics May 19, 1996

    After a San Francisco radio station changes its music format from classical to rock, the promoter who engineered the switch dies and Jessica searches for the killer.

  • Season 12 - Episode 23 : Mrs. Parker's Revenge May 12, 1996

    While Jessica is in Atlanta to address mystery writers, a lethal virus is stolen from the Biological Research Institute.

  • Season 12 - Episode 22 : What You Don't Know Can Kill You May 5, 1996

    When a young man dies in a motorcycle crash, and a local attorney is murdered, Jessica looks for links between the two seemingly unrelated deaths.

  • Season 12 - Episode 21 : Race to Death Apr 28, 1996

    Jessica investigates when a wealthy yachtsman is murdered two days before a big race, and his rival's daughter is charged with the crime.

  • Season 12 - Episode 20 : Southern Double-Cross Apr 4, 1996

    Jessica travels to Australia to prove that she is the rightful heir to 130,000 acres of grazing land, but her arrival results in two murders.

  • Season 12 - Episode 19 : Evidence of Malice Mar 28, 1996

    Jessica has to solve two murders to clear the name of her old friend Deputy Andy Broom (Louis Herthum), who becomes a suspect when a murder weapon is found in his car.

  • Season 12 - Episode 18 : Track of a Soldier Feb 25, 1996

    A vacation in the Grand Tetons turns into work when the man threatening Jessica's host with blackmail is murdered.

  • Season 12 - Episode 17 : Something Foul in Flappieville Feb 15, 1996

    After Jessica's short story for children becomes a television puppet show, she must find the fiend who used one of the puppets as a murder weapon.

  • Season 12 - Episode 16 : Murder Among Friends Feb 8, 1996

    When the producer of a hit twenty-something series is murdered, Jessica does some directing of her own.

  • Season 12 - Episode 15 : The Dark Side of the Door Feb 1, 1996

    Details in a manuscript convince a young editor (Tracy Middendorf) that the author (Richard Beymer) kidnapped her 11 years earlier, but when the author is found dead, the editor becomes the primary suspect.

  • Season 12 - Episode 14 : Murder in Tempo Jan 11, 1996

    Seth Hazlitt's benefit concert to save the woods near Cabot Cove is endangered when the lead singer is permanently silenced.

  • Season 12 - Episode 13 : Death Goes Double Platinum Jan 7, 1996

    Jessica works hard to get her friend's (Tony Plana) Latino band a recording contract, until a murder rocks her plans.

  • Season 12 - Episode 12 : Kendo Killing Jan 4, 1996

    In Japan, Jessica gets involved in the murder of a motorcycle racer, the son of an international CEO (Pat Morita).

  • Season 12 - Episode 11 : Unwilling Witness Dec 14, 1995

    After being subpoenaed to testify at the jury probe of a brokerage house, Jessica is charged with contempt for speaking to a witness who is killed.

  • Season 12 - Episode 10 : Frozen Stiff Nov 30, 1995

    When Jessica arrives at an ice cream company to get a check for charity, the funds have melted away and the company's co-founder is iced.

  • Season 12 - Episode 9 : Deadly Bidding Nov 23, 1995

    Detective Charlie Garrett's (Wayne Rogers) high bid on a mediocre painting puzzles Jessica; then, its second-rate artist is found dead.

  • Season 12 - Episode 8 : Shooting in Rome Nov 16, 1995

    Jessica travels to Rome to help rewrite the script for the filming of one of her books, but the filming takes a tragic turn when a stuntman dies.

  • Season 12 - Episode 7 : Nan's Ghost Nov 9, 1995

    Jessica escapes from the dungeon and works with Inspector Lanahan to uncover the killer of an American investor.

  • Season 12 - Episode 6 : Nan's Ghost Nov 2, 1995

    Jessica's investigation into ghost stories lands her in the dungeon.

  • Season 12 - Episode 6 : Nan's Ghost Nov 2, 1995

    In Ireland to visit her friend Eileen (Fionnula Flanagan), Jessica and Inspector Lanahan (Rod Taylor) must sort through suspects to find a killer when an American investor is found dead.

  • Season 12 - Episode 5 : Home Care Oct 19, 1995

    After losing two elderly patients, a young nurse (Megan Porter Follows) is found holding a syringe containing poison and charged with murder.

  • Season 12 - Episode 4 : Big Easy Murder Oct 12, 1995

    A research trip to New Orleans plunges Jessica into the world of the occult, when a businessman dies, and a voodoo doll is evidence.

  • Season 12 - Episode 3 : The Secret of Gila Junction Oct 5, 1995

    Jessica helps an inexperienced sheriff investigate a murder in a small desert town where the government may have conducted dangerous chemical experiments.

  • Season 12 - Episode 2 : A Quaking in Aspen Sep 28, 1995

    An insurance investigation reunites detective Garrett (Wayne Rogers) with Jessica who is in Aspen visiting her recently widowed friend (Leigh Taylor-Young).

  • Season 12 - Episode 1 : Nailed Sep 21, 1995

    After convincing the star stylist at Jessica's beauty salon to jump ship, a sneaky entrepreneur turns up dead in the hair dresser's chair.