• Episode 1 : The King of Denmark

    Discovery of a priceless, ancient manuscript coincides with a girl's mysterious disappearance.

  • Episode 2 : I Love You, Billy Baker

    Jeff Dillon reveals unexpected information while profiling a popular soul singer.

  • Episode 3 : Keep the Doctor Away

    Jeff Dillon sets out to prove that a noted society physician is dangerously incompetent.

  • Episode 4 : Swingers Only

    A Howard Publications editor faces a murder charge.

  • Episode 5 : The Glory Shouter

    Dan Farrell investigates the finances of a famous evangelist, considered a saint by some and a charlatan by others.

  • Episode 6 : The Broken Puzzle

    Glenn Howard's plane crashes during his investigation of a corrupt governor, leaving the publisher with amnesia.

  • Episode 7 : Battle at Gannon's Bridge

    Neighborhood resistance hampers the efforts of ex-convicts to maintain their halfway house.

  • Episode 8 : The Time Is Now

    Glenn Howard investigates when a black college dean is found dead after a heated debate with a radical black student.

  • Episode 9 : The Third Choice

    Glenn Howard flies to Africa in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped editor.

  • Episode 10 : Love-In at Ground Zero

    A group of radicals plans to commit a "protest" suicide and captures Glenn Howard to be the witness.

  • Episode 11 : Pineapple Rose

    Kidnappers snatch Peggy Maxwell for ransom when they mistake her for the sister of a famous rock 'n' roll singer.

  • Episode 12 : The Emissary

    A kidnapping and Communist intrigue disrupt an international conference on air pollution, held in Paris.

  • Episode 13 : The Bobby Currier Story

    An embittered and confused young man commits a series of violent crimes.

  • Episode 14 : The Savage Eye

    Dan Farrell investigates trouble with lumber interests resulting from Howard Publications' sponsorship of a documentary on ecology.

  • Episode 15 : A Sister From Napoli

    A reporter (Peter Falk) investigates a district attorney who is about to become a judge.

  • Episode 16 : Incident in Berlin

    Glenn Howard attempts to arrange a spy exchange when he discovers one of his top editors is in custody in East Germany.

  • Episode 17 : The Takeover

    Glenn Howard travels to a small Eastern nation to investigate the sudden overthrow of the ruling regime.

  • Episode 18 : I Love You, Billy Baker

    A popular soul singer conceals a great need to be loved.

  • Episode 19 : Why I Blew Up Dakota

    Dan Farrell steps in to investigate when an eccentric artist loses his life in a bizarre bombing.

  • Episode 20 : The Enemy Before Us

    Jeff Dillon returns home to find drugs have permeated his old neighborhood in New York City.

  • Episode 21 : Lady on the Rocks

    Glenn Howard suspects his friend's contentment in marriage is really a front for concealed fear and guilt.

  • Episode 22 : Brass Ring

    Dan Farrell comes to the aid of a Mexican-American prizefighter who is trapped in a mire of lies and corruption.

  • Episode 23 : The Inquiry

    Glenn Howard is the target of a United States senator's charges that stolen government money was used to found Howard Publications.

  • Episode 24 : The Garden

    Dan Farrell searches for proof that a fashionable psychiatrist is a fortune-hunting fraud.

  • Episode 25 : Witness

    The syndicate slays the only man who can prove a crime boss guilty of murder, leaving Dan Farrell to track down the second witness -- a supposed suicide.

  • Episode 26 : Jenny Wilde Is Drowning

    Jeff Dillon tries to stop an actress from taking her life just because she has been unsuccessful in Hollywood.

  • Episode 27 : A Capitol Affair

    Misguided intentions of a Washington gossip columnist nearly destroy a promising government official's career.

  • Episode 28 : Seek and Destroy

    Dan Farrell meets resistance when he visits a company town to find the reason for a scientist's mysterious death.

  • Episode 29 : A Love to Remember

    Glenn Howard learns of the repercussions of a cruel practical joke played during his college days.

  • Episode 30 : Collector's Edition

    Jeff Dillon and Peggy Maxwell ignore their own conclusions whey they try to prove a friend innocent of murder.

  • Episode 31 : The Black Answer

    Jeff Dillon comes to the defense of a black militant accused of murder.

  • Episode 32 : The Taker

    Glenn Howard may lose his publishing empire when he is blackmailed after refusing to back a political candidate.

  • Episode 33 : The Incomparable Connie Walker

    Jeff Dillon and Peggy Maxwell look into charges lodged against the black mayor of a major city.

  • Episode 34 : Tarot

    Glenn Howard enters the world of mysticism to prove a girl didn't kill herself simply because he rejected her.

  • Episode 35 : A Wrath of Angels

    Dan Farrell joins in a militant priest's battle to improve conditions in a slum owned by an underworld organization.

  • Episode 36 : The Prisoner Within

    Jeff Dillon is unaware of a secret from the past when he accepts an Army officer's challenge to undergo prisoner-of-war training.

  • Episode 37 : Echo of a Nightmare

    The death of a kidnapper just freed from prison hampers Dan Farrell's efforts to learn more about the abduction.

  • Episode 38 : The War Merchants

    Dan Farrell uncovers international weapons smuggling when he investigates a friend's death in an airplane crash.

  • Episode 39 : Chains of Command

    Corruption taints the operations of a state penitentiary.

  • Episode 40 : So Long Baby, and Amen

    Dan Farrell becomes a subpoenaed witness for a Senate subcommittee drug hearing and finds himself trying to rescue a girl from drug abuse.

  • Episode 41 : The Revolutionary

    Glenn Howard gets involved in a revolution when he tries to help the exiled president of an embattled South American country return home.

  • Episode 42 : The Man Who Killed a Ghost

    A reporter (Robert Wagner) researching food franchises uncovers a secret about a heroic screen cowboy.

  • Episode 43 : A Hard Case of the Blues

    Dan Farrell's investigation of music-business corruption involves him in the world of folk-rock.

  • Episode 44 : Breakout to a Fast Buck

    Dan Farrell has reason to believe an aging crook was forced to escape to take part in a multimillion dollar theft.

  • Episode 45 : The Fear of High Places

    Jeff Dillon receives an indiscreet photo of a government official, but his witness dies before Dillon can learn if the picture was intended for blackmail.

  • Episode 46 : The Suntan Mob

    Dan Farrell uses a gangster's girlfriend to prove a crime syndicate holds sway over a small island.

  • Episode 47 : The Other Kind of Spy

    Jeff Dillon's investigation of a mysterious explosion at a chemical plant uncovers industrial espionage.

  • Episode 48 : L.A. 2017

    Glenn Howard travels to the year 2017 and discovers pollution has forced the residents of Los Angeles to live underground.

  • Episode 49 : One of the Girls in Research

    A research assistant romantically fantasizes about Glenn Howard as she helps him search for an industrialist threatening the publishing firm.

  • Episode 50 : Nightmare

    Dan Farrell investigates a robbery operation that resulted in the shooting death of his wife many years earlier.

  • Episode 51 : High Card

    Accusations claim Glenn Howard warned the Cuban government about the Bay of Pigs invasion.

  • Episode 52 : Appointment in Palermo

    Glenn Howard is caught between warring Sicilian families when he travels to Italy to write a feature article.

  • Episode 53 : High on a Rainbow

    Dan Farrell and Peggy Maxwell go under cover to find the source of drugs distributed to schoolchildren.

  • Episode 54 : Give Till It Hurts

    A thief masquerades as a charity fund-raiser.

  • Episode 55 : The Skin Game

    Dan Farrell tries to learn who is profiting from the misery of African hospital patients dying from contaminated drugs.

  • Episode 56 : The Civilized Men

    Dan Farrell investigates reports of modern-day rustling on the huge ranches of Florida.

  • Episode 57 : The Showdown

    A legendary gunfight in the Old West takes on current significance.

  • Episode 58 : Little Bear Died Running

    A young Indian's murder of his boyhood chum leads a Howard publications reporter (Robert Culp) to New Mexico to get the story.

  • Episode 59 : Laurie Marie

    Jeff Dillon and Peggy Maxwell learn a lesson in the corrupting power of money when a reward is offered for a child lost in the woods.

  • Episode 60 : The Protector

    A bigoted millionaire sets up his own private army to quash national racial rebellions.

  • Episode 61 : Lola in Lipstick

    The investigation of the death of an international playgirl in Rome leads Glenn Howard into a miasma of corruption, secret loves and drugs.

  • Episode 62 : An Agent for the Plaintiff

    Glenn Howard suspects a frame-up when a shady woman lawyer sues him on behalf of her greedy boyfriend.

  • Episode 63 : Aquarius Descending

    An ambitious city councilman objects to a critical cover story about him in a Howard publication and decides to ruin Glenn.

  • Episode 64 : Blind Man's Bluff

    A sightless district attorney seeks vengeance on the man responsible for his blindness and the disfigurement of his wife.

  • Episode 65 : Island of Gold and Precious Stones

    One of the world's wealthiest men leaves only a small estate upon his death, leading Jeff Dillon and Peggy Maxwell to search for the missing millions.

  • Episode 66 : Cynthia Is Alive and Living in Avalon

    A reporter (Robert Culp) for Howard Publications poses as a thief to get a story on a fugitive heiress.

  • Episode 67 : Goodbye, Harry

    A desperate search begins for a missing American rocket scientist under suspicion as a traitor.

  • Episode 68 : The Tradition

    Glenn Howard must escape with a woman after they challenge an ancient custom and insult the virility of a young Greek.

  • Episode 69 : The White Birch

    Glenn Howard becomes involved in events surrounding a rebel uprising in Czechoslovakia.

  • Episode 70 : All the Old Familiar Faces

    Threats on his life impel Glenn Howard to find four people he either exposed or helped send to prison.

  • Episode 71 : The Power

    Two obstinate brothers battling for control of a Longshoremen's local involve Dan Farrell in their fight.

  • Episode 72 : The Perfect Image

    Glenn Howard discovers that a politician endorsed by his magazine is the front man for a crime syndicate.

  • Episode 73 : Man of the People

    A journalist overlooks her romantic feelings to reveal the flaws of a leader of Los Angeles' Mexican-American community.

  • Episode 74 : Beware of the Watchdog

    Dan Farrell investigates death threats against a dedicated consumer advocate.

  • Episode 75 : Shine On, Shine On, Jesse Gil

    Death and corruption lurk behind the facade of a small town.

  • Episode 76 : Ordeal

    Dan Farrell tries to prove the innocence of a woman awaiting execution after confessing to murdering her husband.