Nash Bridges Poster

Air Date: March 29th, 1996

Network: CBS

Series Summary
Nash and Joe fight crime while dealing with personal problems.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Crime drama, Action, Suspense, Adventure


  • Season 6 - Episode 22 : Fair Game May 4, 2001

    While questioning her career in law enforcement, Cassidy steps into the wrong taxi at the wrong time when she becomes a killer cabby's fare; Rachel learns that Nash is being set up.

  • Season 6 - Episode 21 : Cat Fight Apr 27, 2001

    Nash turns up a handful of surprises when tracking down two young women responsible for the death of a security guard during a robbery at a rock concert.

  • Season 6 - Episode 20 : Change Up Apr 20, 2001

    Cassidy's future in law enforcement comes under question when her and Rachel's attempts to stop a bank robbery can't prevent an executive's death.

  • Season 6 - Episode 19 : Kill Joy Apr 13, 2001

    The murder of a newscaster begins a string of stalkings involving women of the same name, and Harvey eventually discovers the killer's motive.

  • Season 6 - Episode 18 : Quack Fever Apr 6, 2001

    Painful memories and the dangers of the drug trade collide when Nick learns the truth about Nash's older brother Bobby, who was supposedly missing for more than 20 years.