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  • There are many other things about the Boston experience--the story is overly heavy-handed with misogyny, American accents are stagey, and dialogue can be stilted and awkward--that are not as successful. The truth is that Outlander is at its best, so far, when the story is in Scotland. There’s more energy and emotional intensity, the storytelling tends to be shaper, and there’s more humor and personality to the vignettes. ... When Outlander is at its best, there is not a more beautiful show on television. Show More

  • Outlander strikes a rare and unusual balance: It paints with bold colors, and yet it’s true to human complexities that are felt rather than articulated. Show More

  • There are times when Outlander shows glimmerings of that vitality and emotional depth, and if we're lucky, this earnest drama will keep heading in that direction. Show More

  • Outlander’s appeal remains focused on the interplay between Claire and Jamie, a union of two very different people joined in mutual attraction, lust, and a meeting of the minds. No matter what country they’re in, they’re the duo that’s the twosome with the mostest. Show More

  • After a very slow start, Outlander, from the book series by Diana Gabaldon, is a bodice-ripper with a sprinkling of science fiction, a fantasy drama with a bit of action-adventure. Show More

  • Based on that limited sampling [of two episodes], the premise strikes me as both fresh and familiar enough to make me want to see more. Show More

  • Of the two parallel narratives that unfold in the first five episodes, Jamie’s is the more eventful and, because of when and where it unfolds, the one that feels more in keeping with the Outlander sensibility. ... Both of their [Balfe and Heughan's] performances feel deeper and more emotionally resonant than they have before. Show More

  • It is Balfe, who also received a Globe nomination, whom the series rests on, and she remains a captivating Claire. The actress brings a playfulness and an ethereal presence to the role, which are attributes essential for someone caught between two worlds.compelling drama Show More

  • The story ages Jamie and Claire, so when they reunite after a deliciously agonizing buildup (marked by some inspired humor), the rapture is both emotional and spiritual. In season 3, Outlander, TV’s best romance, soars by making you fall in love with it all over again. Show More

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