The Untouchables Poster

Air Date: October 15th, 1959

Series Summary
Eliot Ness leads a group of federal agents against the Chicago mob.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Crime drama


  • Season 4 - Episode 30 : A Taste of Pineapple May 21, 1963

    Ness does not realize Chicago mobsters are establishing alibis in preparation for his assassination.

  • Season 4 - Episode 29 : Line of Fire May 14, 1963

    The psychotic actions of a gangster's (Ed Nelson) brother upsets the underworld; guest Grace Lee Whitney.

  • Season 4 - Episode 28 : The Torpedo May 7, 1963

    Ness creates rivalry by making it appear an aging gunman (Charles McGraw) is double-crossing his gang.

  • Season 4 - Episode 27 : The Jazz Man Apr 30, 1963

    Ness poses as a jazz musician to search New Orleans for the source of drugs entering Chicago; guest Simon Oakland.

  • Season 4 - Episode 26 : The Charlie Argos Story Apr 16, 1963

    Ness is offered a hefty fee to be executor of a bootlegger's estate and locate his long-lost son (Robert Vaughn).