10 Animals Who Deserved Oscars
Sometimes, the breakout star of a movie isn't an actor -- it's the furry (and fishy) thespians that star with them. These are the 10 animals who deserve some Oscar gold. Babe (Babe) [1995] -Animal Category: Best Animal Interpretation Chee Chee the Chimpanzee (Doctor Dolittle) [1967] -Animal Category: Most Championed Chimp Bruce the Shark (Jaws) [1975] -Animal Category: Most Aggressive Species Toto (Wizard of Oz) (1939) -Animal Category: Best Supporting Pup Seabiscuit (Seabiscuit) [2003] -Animal Category: Most Physically Demanding Performance Willy (Free Willy) [1993] -Animal Category: Best Aquatic Performance Old Yeller (Old Yeller) [1957] -Animal Category: Best Leading Pup Beethoven (Beethoven) [1992] -Animal Category: Best Comedic Pooch Tai the Elephant (Operation Dumbo Drop) [1995] -Animal Category: Best Breakout Elephas Maximus Beatrice (Best in Show) [2000] -Animal Category: Most Depressed Canine

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