YouTube electro sensation Pogo remixes some of Disney's classic movies by sampling sounds from the film and stringing them together to create his own trip-hop/blip-happy music. The artist was a producer for the Mickey Mouse giant, which caused him some legal issues in the past. Thankfully his contract is over and he's able to share his work with us once more. Most of it, anyway.

Pogo's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' remix, 'Swashbuckle,' is being kept in the dark for reasons the musician recently wrote about on his blog:

"Folks, I long to release my 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' mix on YouTube. I think it's one of my best mixes yet, and it's agonizing to imagine it rotting away in some filing cabinet instead of taking its rightful place in my body of work. All I've been told is that the producers at Jerry Bruckheimer Films want nothing to do with it. Whether that means they're displeased or they're just waiting for the right time is impossible for me to say. The sad reality is, 'Swashbuckle' was contracted work. I'd literally have to start saving the money that Disney would sue me before making the decision to upload it. But who knows? It might just come to that. My music is my mark in this world. If I have to pay to watch it entertain millions of people, then so be it."

Last year he spoke out about a similar situation concerning his track 'Bangarang,' which features samples from Spielberg's 'Hook.,' when Sony forced him to tear the video down. Fans protested and the artist was victorious, but clearly exasperated by the situation: "My work serves as free viral marketing to the organisations that own the films I sample from. It's high time the music industry pulls its head out of its ass, and realises that today's remix culture is an asset, not a liability ... ."

While Pogo may continue to contend with movie giants, we'll try to relax for now and enjoy some of our favorite tracks ('Toyz Noize' is dedicated to Weinberg!) -- including his latest, the 'Snow White' inspired, 'Wishery' -- posted below. You can find more of his work on or his website.

[via /Film]