We know it will probably not end well for Cristian and July. That much we know from the trailer -- family found dead, 37 hours of recorded evidence recovered -- and even if you haven't seen the trailer, the opening moments of 'Atrocious' make it abundantly clear: There will be screaming. And running. And dead bodies.

'Atrocious,' enjoying its North American premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival tonight, rewinds to tell its story. Cristian is an 18-year-old boy with a video camera permanently glued to his eye. July is his 15-year-old sister. Together they investigate urban legends and then post their videos to YouTube. Their parents are 'forcing' them to spend their Easter holiday at a country estate owned by the family near the seaside town of Sitges, Spain, in the county of Garraf.

Anticipating boredom, Cristian has discovered a local legend and plans to check it out. The story goes that a girl named Melinda got lost somewhere in the Garraf woods in 1940. Ever since then, the ghost of Melinda appears to travelers who have become lost.