There was plenty to fawn over at the 'Twilight' panel today at Comic-Con. Not only did we get to see new footage, the big stars of 'Breaking Dawn' also came out to talk about the movie and answer questions from fans.

Here are the details on the new clips, plus some of the best quotes and fan moments during today's panel.
'Breaking Dawn' Clips
Honeymoon Clip
It starts with us entering Edward and Bella's hotel/bungalow by the beach: They're both nervous as they stand on either side of a giant bed. Bella asks for "some time" to get ready, cue frantic tooth-brushing, lingerie-choosing, and leg-shaving scene. She finally decides to just join him at the beach, wrapped only in a towel. The camera pans down as she lets the towel drop and wades, naked, into the water.

Jacob Clip
Jacob talks to the Cullen parents about Bella needing more blood. He is surprised to learn they care about her welfare. He tells them they're a real family, "just like the one he grew up in." He leaves them and goes out to the woods, where two other werewolves (Seth and Leah Clearwater) warn him not to give himself away.

Top Quotes
Robert Pattinson
On the experience of filming the honeymoon scene in tropical Brazil:
"At first, it was beautiful and warm, everything you'd expect, but for the remainder of the shoot, it was not only raining, but hurricane storms, so it was like having a honeymoon in England. We were playing board games instead of making love on the beach." [A statement that earned him enormous whoops from the audience]

On seeing a different side of Edward during the birth
"You never really get to play Edward in a way that he's literally so aware of his own helplessness. Either he's completely in control or pretends he is, but here there's no on else around, and there's nothing he can do and he's just desperate. Normally when that happens, Bella comes in and saves the day. But Bella isn't there ... he's totally annihilated by the situation"

Kristen Stewart
On the birthing scene
"We really did try to go as hardcore as we could. It's not your typical birthing scene. It took two days to film. She's choking on blood that she's been drinking and she's out of her mind. After a moment of sheer exuberance, and then goes into a crazy, nightmarish hellhole."

On her favorite book and movie in the series
"My favorite book was always 'New Moon.' Movie-wise, hmmm, I really liked 'Twilight' a lot, Catherine did a special weird job on that that made them different from all of them. Im so goddamn nostalgic." [She then quickly covered her mouth, saying, "Sorry, little tiny ones in the audience!"]

On the one song she'd like on the soundtrack
"On set, we shot the ceremony, and the song that I just thought was perfect and gets me every time, is 'For Annabelle' by Band of Horses. They had a song on 'New Moon,' so it would be great if it was in the movie. It was the most moving experience [filming the wedding scene]. Bill played it really loud on set and helped me out."

Taylor Lautner

On shooting a movie with so many beautiful co-stars
"There could be worse jobs."

On working with director Bill Condon
"I loved the third book, but this movie is my favorite, by far. It's a testament to Bill and to everyone else. You're able to see all of the characters in a different light and dealing with things you've never really seen before."

Bill Condon

"All the other movies have been leading up to this one. Everything is coming at you from all sides -- the birth, the wolf attack -- in the last 30 minutes of this movie and I think it's a really intense ride."

Fan Moments
A little girl, possibly 8, drew big laughs when she asked Robert, "Do you like having the baby with Bella?" Rob's answer (after suspecting the girl of really asking another question, one that was more on older fans' minds about babymaking): "I really like babies, which is embarrassing..." (Cue shrieks from the audience.)

A fan asked Stewart, now that she's also a vampire, is Rob's whining about it all these years justified? "So, so justified," she said firmly. "The contacts suck so badly, you can't see anything, thus people can't see you. There's no getting in there, when we both have them in, it's like... (gestures wildly)."

One asked the guys what it's like working with a "cast of beautiful women," which led to Rob saying, "Either way you can approach this seems inappropriate or just plain wrong. It's really nice, being surrounded by hot girls all the time." As he added facetiously. "It's really great, it's why I became an actor." Kristen jumped in, frustrated at this point, "It's so weird that we're all so hot!" "We have to be done with this now!" she insisted.
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