A journalist's worst nightmare: completely losing your voice before interviewing a movie star. You can't always reschedule -- the actor may be shooting a movie or promoting a cause or vacationing in Tahiti -- but, if it happens, all hope is not lost. Just call Dr. Mila Kunis. In a story for GQ, writer Michael Idov had the unfortunate timing of getting sick 12 hours before he was supposed to speak with Kunis. As he says, "the only sound my throat [was] capable of delivering [was] a deeply creepy rasp best suited to the phrase, get in my van." Thankfully, Mila came to the rescue.
After grabbing hot miso soup at a Japanese restaurant, the two pick up some Buckley's cough syrup at a local drug store and headed back to Kunis's apartment. There, she cooked up a medicinal, vitamin-laced, booze-filled concoction to help cure Idov's throat.
Kunis starts making us hot tea when she gets a better idea. 'Let's get some Cabernet going,' she says. 'It'll make you feel better and it will make you drunk.' She hands me a Grgich Hills Cabernet Franc... Into the saucepan it goes, followed by an avalanche of green-tea powder ('It's vitamins!'), two gelcaps of fish oil...apple-cider vinegar...and Ayurvedic chai... The melted gelcaps have coated the saucepan's bottom, while the released fish oil blots the surface. 'If I'm drinking this,' I say, 'you're drinking this.' Kunis nods. 'Yeah, I'll get wasted with you on this wine. F-ck it. It's good for you!' Suddenly she remembers something and dashes to the freezer. -I have vodka and I have tequila. What do you think kills germs better?'... 'Aw, s-it,' is all I manage in response as Kunis upends half a bottle of Ketel One into the mix. 'There. Healthy! This will kill everything.'
So did Kunis's recipe help cure the cough? Idov says he felt better (no kidding). If only all of our interviews with movie stars went like this. Other than Idov's throat, the two discuss Kunis' acting career as well as her upcoming role in 'Oz: The Great and Powerful.' The entire piece is definitely worth a read. Check it out over on GQ.com

[via GQ]

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