Holy crap, I can't wait to share with you the brand spanking new trailer for Die Hard 4 (aka Live Free or Die Hard) but, unfortunately, you'll have to wait until this weekend. Hopefully. Argh, don't you hate those misleading titles -- now you've been sucked into the post, and therefore must continue reading. Must. Continue. Reading. I do, however, have some info regarding where you will find the new trailer, as JoBlo tells us it will run before select prints of Blood Diamond -- just one more reason to shell out the dollar for Leonardo DiCaprio, eh?

And when we say "select prints," we mean 35MM prints -- Pathfinder will be playing before digital prints. So, if you're heading to the theater just to see the Die Hard 4 trailer (they're still filming, so I wouldn't expect much more than one or two shots mixed with scenes from the previous installments), you best do some research beforehand. Otherwise, you can hang around Cinematical this weekend, as I'm sure it will pop up online soon. Live Free or Die Hard opens in theaters this June 29.

In other trailer news (because I feel bad about misleading you with that title), a brand new trailer for Zack Snyder's 300 will be arriving online this Friday, courtesy of Warner Bros. The same trailer will be playing before Apocalypto when it hits theaters this weekend. For those who haven't yet had the chance to check out 300's current trailer, you simply must take a look -- it's that awesome. This puppy arrives in our laps on March 9.

UPDATE: The new trailer is now online -- check it out!