Okay, so it's not exactly a photo of Aaron Eckhart from the actual movie, but it is a blurry photo (click on the image for a larger version) of the new Two Face action figure recently showcased at a restricted press event during the New York Toy Fair. Of course, throw up the word 'restricted' and there's bound to be at least one dude with a hidden camera phone. Dark Horizons nabbed the photos, which are indeed fuzzy, but enough to make out what the character will look like. This also means that, yes, Eckhart will most definitely make his transformation in The Dark Knight from Harvey Dent to the villainous Two Face. But when he does it, and for how long he's on screen, we do not know.

Some have suggested that Two Face will make an appearance at the very end of the film, for one or two scenes, as a teaser into the third installment. Seeing as it's been confirmed that Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) and Joker (Heath Ledger) will both be included in the film, it's my hope that this is the way they go. Last thing we want is a rushed Two Face storyline; I'd rather more focus on the Joker and for Two Face to team up with another Gotham baddie in the third installment. What do you think?

The Dark Knight hits theaters on July 18.

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