Our brothers and sisters over at TV Squad have busted through the boob tube and brought with them the following juicy bits of must-see eye candy.
  • Ever wanted to see your favorite cartoons in real life? It can be a pretty bizarre experience. Check out five of the creepiest real life versions of cartoons.
  • If cartoons aren't your thing, check out these four TV families that you just know you want to hang out with (and no, the Bradys aren't one of them).
  • The new wave of 3D televisions apparently present a whole new set of hazards. Check them out here.
  • Over the years Syfy has presented some entertaining original programming including Farscape, Stargate SG-1 and of course Battlestar Galactica. Why then was the channel's most popular movie of the year Mega Piranha?
  • Who stands to gain the most from Conan O'Brien's movie to TBS? Why George Lopez of course.
  • ...and finally, someone agrees with me about how annoying those Verizon FiOS commercials are.
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