It doesn't bode well for a film when they're losing cast members as quickly as they've added them. According to Showbiz 411, Benjamin Walker has exited X-Men: First Class. You may remember he was supposed to play a young Dr. Hank McCoy alongside Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. It was a promising addition, not only because of Walker's reputation, but because McCoy (aka Beast) is a mutant who actually belongs in an X-Men prequel.

There's two rumors circulating. One is that Walker chose to follow his show Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson to Broadway, and simply dropped out of the film. The other is that Fox suddenly panicked about his "advanced" age, especially with two "elderly" castmembers like Fassbender and McAvoy. (The truth is probably that neither actor nor studio had come to a decision before the news was reported.) They want someone younger who can appeal to the Twilight demographic, and reportedly tried to lure Taylor Lautner. Given that the wunderwerewolf is super busy, they will apparently be looking for a Lautner-like.

But while one classmate dropped out, another one is rumored to have registered.

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