Technologically speaking, we live in some pretty amazing times. Computers effortlessly connect us to people in Nigeria who want to give us millions of dollars for helping them transfer bank funds (and provide us with ten lifetimes worth of free porn). HD television has made it so you can see every unflattering wrinkle and pimple on your favorite star's face (and if you're really lucky, in 3D!). iPods make it possible to carry around the entire library of Lady GaGa and Abba songs in the palm of your hand, and the cellphone is the reason why the guy in front of you is driving 15 mph under the speed limit. Yes, technology has made our lives great, but if Scent Sciences Corporation has their way, things will be getting even more amazing later this year.

The San Jose-based company is set to debut a new piece of technology later this year – one that promises to revolutionize the way you play videogames (and potentially view films). That's right, the brainiacs at Scent Sciences Corporating have invented what we've all dreamed (and laughed...) about: Smell-O-Vision.

The company is calling their new device ScentScape and promise that it will add one more layer of immersiveness to your gaming and film viewing experience. The company isn't the first to try and merge smells with images, but the ScentScape is designed to work in your home, not in a packed movie theater.

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