"Mad Men" aired its spectacular Season 7 mid-season finale on Sunday, making the show's 2015 end date even more real and even more of a bummer. What will life be like without Don Draper and company?

And now dreams of a possible spinoff have been pretty much dashed, too. In an interview with Deadline, creator and writer Matthew Weiner revealed that he's not working on any follow-up to the beloved AMC drama.

"I am not planning a sequel and I do not have my foot deep in anything else," he explained. "I love that people are trying to project and guess what the storytelling is. I'm writing the finale today as I was yesterday and it's set in stone."

But we can pretend, right? Maybe he'll see this, get inspired, and reconsider?

Here are 5 "Mad Men" spin-offs we would like to see go down after its series finale:

1. Sally: On My Own Terms
Picture this. Sally Draper, now 17, sets out on her own in the summer of '71. She's finally free of Betty's grasp and doing it her way. Perhaps she gives it the old college try at Vassar or Berkeley. Maybe she moves in with 3 spunky pals in a San Fran apartment. Bottom line is: more Sally.

2. Peggy and Julio Down By The School Yard
Peggy adopts her neighbor Julio so he doesn't have to go to (no!) Newark. This is sort of an oddball buddy comedy, but also a coming-of-age tale for both of them. Julio learns a new lesson each week, while Peggy embraces her maternal side. There's a laugh track, but it's only tongue-in-cheek, guys.

3. Megan Takes Hollywood
It's kinda like "Entourage," except in the 1970s with a female perspective. Watch as Megan navigates the trials and tribulations of tinsel town, with the support of her wacky manager, sultry BFF, and voice-of-reason hair stylist. Check out her failed auditions for "All in the Family" and "The Partridge Family."

4. Funnies Business
Lou Avery quits advertising and gets serious about his cartoon strip, Scout's Honor. Somehow he convinces (bribes?) Stan to team up with him with him through a Jerry Maguire-style exit speech, and they start their own company, going from the comic section of the paper to world comic book domination.

5. Francine Hanson: Three Phones, No Secretary
The adventures of Betty's old friend, Francine, and her life as a travel agent in Westchester County. But maybe she's not just a travel agent. Maybe she's booking top secret missions for the CIA, all while maintaining a proper facade and putting food on the table for her family. She will leave her husband when he "just doesn't understand" and engage in some scandalous international affairs.

Honorable mention: The procedural Ginsberg, PsyD. Michael Ginsberg left the psych ward, but came out the other side and now solves white collar crimes with his knowledge from being "in the loony bin." He does not work with computers.

Who would you like to see get a "Mad Men" spinoff?

Photo courtesy of Justina Mintz/AMC

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