The fact that "Frozen" and "Once Upon a Time" are crossing over isn't much a surprise. Disney owns both properties and both are phenomenally popular. But how the two properties are being integrated largely remains a mystery, mostly due to the fact that we're not sure what the mechanics of "Once Upon a Time" are and how fairy tale characters are allowed to just pop in and out, seemingly at random. But oh well, the "Frozen" characters are on "Once Upon a Time" now and we're all going to have to deal with it. Thanks to Vulture, too, you can see all the "Frozen" bits from last night's premiere, in one place -- down below, in this very post!

In the clips, you see Elsa (Georgina Haig), Anna (Elizabeth Lail), and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster), as well as a computer-animated rock troll guy that looks awesomely similar to the character in the movie. Apparently Elsa and Anna are trying to figure out where their parents were going on the fateful sea voyage that ended up taking their lives. We spell an unnecessarily complicated back story coming up!

What's kind of striking is how faithfully these characters were rendered for the small screen, and not just those weird troll guys (how funny is it that they only animated one of them? Trolls cost money, people!) The best part, in our estimation, is how they maintained Anna's goofiness; it's really endearing, no matter the format.

"Once Upon a Time" airs on Sundays on ABC. "Frozen Fever," a short film spin-off, will premiere in 2015, most likely before the new "Frozen"-themed ride at EPCOT opens. Everything's coming up "Frozen!"