If the predictable and sadly white washed Oscar nominations announced yesterday morning have gotten you down, here is a little something to pick your spirits up! Nashville artist Sam Smith, whose super-genius work you'll remember for his Criterion covers for "House," "Something Wild," and "Shoah," has created a series of mini-prints based on his favorite movies of 2014. (See the full line-up below.)

These 5" x 5" prints, which come randomly when you purchase one for $12, are adorable and capture the essence of the entire film, amazingly, in simple shapes and colors. These are really, really great, and offer the whole spectrum of film-going experiences – there are prints dedicated to everything from the black-and-white Polish masterpiece "Ida" to Richard Linklater's universally beloved "Boyhood" to David Fincher's crowd-pleasing thriller "Gone Girl" to the Edward Snowden documentary "Citizenfour." You kind of whish the Academy had hired Smith to create images for the nominations yesterday, instead of relying on the stock photos.

Again: you can grab these from Smith's website, where he details the frequency of the various prints. If you love someone, don't they deserve a mini-winged Birdman of their own?