Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that one of the hottest new shows on television is FOX's "Empire." "Empire" tells the story of a music family as they struggle with each other over power of their record company. In between the catfights and backstabbing, this season managed to tackle issues such as extortion, mental illness, sexual orientation, incurable disease, drug use, loss, and love. With the season finale coming up, here are this season's top 10 most scandalous moments:

10. Bunky's Death

I wasn't surprised to see Lucious kill Bunky after his old friend attempted to extort him. What I was surprised to see was the way Lucious acted as if he was hurt about the situation, and pleaded for Bunky's killer to be found. Lucious also had no problem framing another person for the death or including his son Andre into the fold by using him as his alibi. We got a clear view of Lucious' character when he gave a tearful eulogy at Bunky's funeral, something he caused.

9. The Double Standard

It's not unusual for an up-and-coming stars such as Hakeem and Tiana to maintain a relationship for publicity sake. While Hakeem stayed involved with women on the side, no one batted an eye. But, when a video of Tiana having fun with another girl hit the internet, an embarrassed Hakeem just couldn't take it.

8. Hakeem's Older Woman

When we are first introduced to Hakeem's lover Camilla Marks (Naomi Campbell) it seems as if this is just a fling. But, we soon find out that Hakeem and Camilla actually love each other. Hakeem turns down the chance to get back with Tiana because of his feelings. Even when Lucious attempted to pay Camilla to stay away from Hakeem, she left, but tore up the check on her way out.

7. Cookie's Cakes

Before what is supposed to be a private meeting between Cookie and Lucious, we see Cookie do what millions of women do everyday: try on every outfit in our closet because nothing looks or feels right. This routine expresses just how much Cookie still has feelings for the father of her children. Cookie's hopes of a hot and steamy reunion with her ex are dashed when she seeks that not only are her children at the dinner, but Lucious' new girlfriend Anika is also in attendance. Upon hearing the news that Anika and Lucious are engaged, Cookie blows up and shows everyone at the dinner table that under her fur coat, she is only wearing lingerie. Cookie points out to Anika (and the rest of us) what a real ass looks like.

6. Boo-Boo Kitty, The Traitor

Anika, better known as "Boo-Boo Kitty," is a woman scorned. She drugged artist Elle Dallas (Courtney Love) so that Cookie would look bad as a manager. She eventually turns on Lucious after learning that he has been cheating on her with Cookie. Boo-Boo Kitty proceeds to go to Lucious' arch-nemesis, fellow music executive Billy Baretti (Judd Nelson), and steals some of Empire's artists along the way. Anika soon learns just how far the Lyons will go for their family. Cookie throws Anika's clothes out before Anika even has a chance to get out the driveway. Hakeem manipulates her into missing a chance to poach Tiana. Lucious tells Anika that if she crosses him, he will take down her father for signing off on Lucious' good bill of health despite knowing Lucious has ALS. Something tells me we haven't seen the last of Boo-Boo Kitty...

5. Jamal's Coming Out Party

Lucious has always made it clear just how much he is against Jamal being gay. He repeatedly denies Jamal's attempts at making the company better, even though Jamal is the most talented of his sons. Fed up with his father's homophobia, Jamal decided to come out to the world by performing one of Lucious' signature songs "You're So Beautiful" and changing the words to "A man loves a man." Lucious was livid, but you could feel a collective cheer from everyone else.

4. Cookie Puts a Hit Out

We learn that Cookie was released from prison early for testifying against a known drug dealer. After receiving a suspicious rose at her door, she starts to think that the drug dealer is trying to kill her. Cookie decided to strike first and gets someone else to kill the drug dealer's known hit man. Soon after, we find out that the rose was sent by Lucious and Cookie had a man killed for no reason.

3. Andre's Illness

Andre is probably the most complex of all the Lyons. He's the smartest of his brothers and works the hardest, but he never gets credit for anything. Andre also has to battle his bipolar disorder, which has caused him to explode after feeling the pressure of coordinating Empire's upcoming IPO launch. We've seen a fully clothed Andre sitting in a running shower, Andre in the recording studio repeatedly pulling the trigger on an empty gun aimed at his head, and Andre attack his brothers in an elevator. This all comes to a head when the family decided to have Andre committed due to his erratic behavior. One thing is clear: Andre needs help. I just hope Lucious learns to be unselfish for just one moment in order to be a good father.

2. Lucious Is The Father

The moment Olivia (Raven-Symone) walked into Empire's headquarters and exclaimed that Jamal was the father of her adorable daughter Lola, I knew something else was up. Those suspicions were confirmed when a flashback showed Olivia and Lucious making googly eyes at each other at the Lyon home. Lucious finally admitted that he slept with Olivia during the intense moment Olivia's abusive boyfriend attempts to shoot Jamal. Lucious claims to be Lola's real father, thereby earning the hate of everyone in the room.

1. Lucious Puts His Son in the Trash

This was perhaps one of the most heartbreaking moments I've witnessed on television. When a young Jamal shimmies into a room full of adults while wearing his mother's clothes, Lucious blows up from his disgust at the sight and takes the boy outside to throw him in the trash can. I understand a father not being comfortable with his son's lifestyle choices, but to place your own flesh and blood, a child at that, into a trash can shows just how evil Lucious is.

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