boy meets world, a cappella, theme song"Boy Meets World" had several different theme songs throughout its seven seasons, and if you thought you loved them all before, you're going to love them even more after hearing them performed in an a cappella medley.

A cappella troupe The Warp Zone put together a clip featuring renditions of the three very different tunes, starting with the last theme from the final seasons of the show, and the only one of the three with lyrics. The Warp Zone really put their a cappella skills to the test with the other two songs, though, especially the (extremely long) tune from the start of the series, which featured lots of electronic sounds and synthesizers (and plenty of cheesy, early-'90s graphics to go with it).

The clip ends on a high note, circling back to the last theme. We also appreciate how the different guys in the group clearly took the fashion of the series to heart (we spy singers dressed as leather jacket-loving Mr. Turner and sweater vest-sporting Cory, among other vaguely-'90s outfits).

Revel in the nostalgia below.

Photo credit: YouTube