Whether he's punching Nazis, shooting Stormtroopers or kicking terrorists off 747's, Harrison Ford is always ready to kick ass on the big screen.

Even though Ford is getting up there in years, he has carved out considerable care space in the hearts of movie fans. And he's gearing up for a mini-action hero comeback, reprising his role as Han Solo in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" this December, as well as that of Deckard in a "Blade Runner" sequel.

In honor of his birthday on July 13, here are six of our favorite scenes where Ford action hero'd his way out of trouble.

6.Bus Crash From "The Fugitive" (1993)

Most action heroes would call it a day after making a death-defying leap from a bus -- just a split-second before it was smushed by an oncoming train.

But for Ford's Dr. Richard Kimble, that was just a prelude to a mad dash as the train careened off course and exploded in a way you just don't see outside of '90s-era suspense thrillers. Plus, Ford's full, bushy beard was the icing on the cake in this scene.

5. The Mine Car Chase From "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" (1984)

You might have to watch this scene on mute to offset Kate Capshaw's incessant screaming, but the rollercoaster-esque mine cart chase still remains one of the most exciting scenes in the Indiana Jones franchise. It's little wonder Disney eventually made a theme park ride out of it.

4. President Marshall Vs. Russian Punching Bag in "Air Force One" (1997)

We'd all be a lot happier with our various commanders-in-chief if they personally dispatched evildoers out the back of their private jet. Ford shows 'em how it's done, using this Russian terrorist's face as a perfect target to hit with a foot stool.

3. The SUV Ambush From "Clear and Present Danger" (1994)

Ford's Jack Ryan and the rest of his CIA motorcade find themselves playing a classic game of "Dodge the RPGs" courtesy of one really pissed-off drug cartel.

Ford's slow-mo dive away from the exploding SUV? It turns us into the valets from "Key & Peele."

2. That One Time He Landed a Plane on a Golf Course

One of the great things about Harrison Ford is that his Hollywood antics aren't confined to sound stages. He's not afraid to flirt with danger in the real world, too. When his antique PT-22 experienced engine failure, Ford didn't panic. He just Han Solo'd it onto (naturally) a golf course.

We like to picture him walking away, dropping a mic, while the plane exploded behind him.

1. The Truck Chase From "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981)

For a guy who's "just making this up as I go," Indiana Jones sure knows how to cut a swath of destruction through a Nazi convoy.

The brave archaeologist gets punched, shot and nearly run over as he fights for control of a truck carrying the Ark of the Covenant. And, not once, does he ever lose his hat.